Petting Zoo
Petting Zoos
Mini Horse and Cart Rides
Pony Rides

Every child will feel like a Prince or Princess while riding in our decorated cart pulled by a beautiful mini horse. Both horse, cart and handler can be costumed in a variety of themed costumes. Or choose decorative ponies for children to ride. Ask about our special Medieval themed parties with mock jousting for the little ones.

Beautiful tame animals that children can hug, feed and pet. Our petting zoos may have chickens, pigs, goats,  sheep and even a llama!


Ask about our exotic animal zoos.

Colorful parrots and other exotic birds fly around and do silly tricks for the kids. Great as a sit down show.


We have some excellent Reptile/Spider/Bug shows available. They all have an excellent selection of creatures for your guests to look at and touch including snakes, lizards, spiders, bugs and more!

Parrot Shows
Parrot Shows
Retile Parties

Animal Acts

From bunnies to birds and everything in between. We have many animals available for your event

Puppy Parties
Bunny Parties

Fluffy bunnies to hold! Say no more!

It's puppies!!!