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Look-alikes & Strolling Characters


Add excitement to any event with a Celebrity Impersonators, Look-alikes or Strolling  Characters!

Entertainers are available for Meet and Greet, MC, Roasts, Comedy, Dance or Singing or Dance Shows!

Elvis impersonator
Marilyn Monroe Impersonator
Ladt Gaga Impersonator

Elvis                     Marilyn Monroe        Lady GaGa

Groucho Marks Impersonator
Clark GAble Impersonator
Elvira Impersonator

Gracho &May West        Clark Gable                 Elvira

Marilyn Monroe and Chaplin Impersonator
Austin Powers and Fem Bots Impersonators
Madona, Michael Jackson and Thriller Zombies Impersonators

Trump                    Austin Powers            Michael Jackson,


Many more look-alikes to choose from.

Strolling Characters
Ciggarette Girls for Events
Show Girls for Events
Villian Impersonators for events

Ciggarette Girls            Show Girls                     Villians

Zombies for Events
Statues for Events
Promotional Models for Events

Zombies                          Statues                 Prom Models

Super Heros for Events

100's of strolling characters to choose from for your special event!

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