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Puppet Shows:

Party Creations specializes in amazing original puppet shows for any occasion. Whether you need an intimate show for a backyard birthday party or a huge production for a festival, kids museum or theme park, Party Creations has the perfect puppet show for your event. 

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Barnyard musical Puppet sow
Kiddle Karoo Puppet Productions


Want something truly spectacular?? LA Parent's award-winning Kiddle Karoo and Kooky Krew perform at festivals, schools, theaters, concert halls, malls, elaborate private birthday parties, and other family events throughout the country.


By using their special blend of original, upbeat pop music, dancing, magic, puppetry, and comic antics, they have become one of LA's favorite children's entertainers. Lead Singer Kiddle Karoo and her Krew of Costumed Characters and Muppet-style Puppets have many themed shows to choose from. Please visit our separate Kiddle Karoo website for complete details!

Little Puppet Theater
Little Puppet Shop


There is something magical about a puppet show with a real stage and curtains. Especially when kids can talk to the puppets and have them talk back!


These smaller, solo-puppeteer shows are perfect for an intimate get together. 

They are highly interactive and very engaging with background music to enhance the excitement. They will entertain both the toddlers and the school-age kids as long as they are old enough to have a conversation and follow a story!

Toddler Puppet Show
Toddler Puppet Time


We have the perfect show for preschoolers! 

   In this 40 minute Puppet Time show, an energetic performer sings familiar children's songs like Itsy Bitsy Spider and Old MacDonald, accompanied by fun puppet play. No formal story, just silly puppet antics!


   Our small, adorable,  stage has no curtains to block the view of the puppeteer. Young children can touch and hold the puppets, play musical instruments, drum, dance, and sing along with this interactive show. 

   For extra-special events, you can also add a guitarist or ukulele player to play all the music live! 

Strolling Puppe Theater
Strolling Puppet Stage


It's brilliant for large events and ideal when kids need to wait in long lines!

A puppeteer with a puppet stage on his back can stroll around chatting with your young guests and performing silly comic antics. No story just a fun break for Mom and Dad!

Strolling stages are great for large family events! We have Christmas, 4th of July, Valentine's Day, Easter and Halloween themed puppets.

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